The Plas Tirion ‘unremarkable’ cowshed. Image credit BBC Wales

Nick Bourne writing on BBC Wales News earlier this month reports that –

A project to find the ages of historic buildings by dating their timbers may have found one of Wales’ oldest homes. Experts say new evidence shows north west Wales was an innovative place architecturally with cutting edge houses built in the 16th Century. They are awaiting results on an “unremarkable” building in Conwy, a cow shed, which may pre-date Wales’ oldest homes from 1402.

The style and use of a cruck frame – a tree trunk used to support a roof – leads some specialists to think a building used as a cow shed and store near historic house Plas Tirion, in Llanrwst, Conwy, could pre-date Wales’ oldest domestic houses such as Hafod-y-Garreg in the Wye Valley, which dates to 1402.

Full article and video here.