The High Bridestones, North York Moors National Park
The Ripon Gazette reports today that –
ANCIENT burial mounds and monuments dating back to the Bronze Age in Yorkshire’s national parks are at risk of being lost forever amid a surge in popularity in walking and mountain biking. National park chiefs have warned that a worrying ignorance has seen the centuries-old monuments disturbed by ramblers, and there have been instances of mountain bikers using ancient burial mounds as impromptu jumps.

There are 839 scheduled monuments within the confines of the North York Moors National Park – nearly a third of those found in the entire Yorkshire and Humber region. The monuments range from the grandeur of Rievaulx Abbey to standing stones and burial mounds, and around a fifth of those within the national park have been given a high “at risk” rating.

The North York Moors National Park Authority’s senior archaeological conservation officer, Graham Lee, said anyone caught damaging scheduled monuments could, in theory, face a criminal prosecution.

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